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My System Specs


Well I got my two Catleaps in. I had ordered two without speakers but they shipped me two with speakers. Not a big deal I guess.

They are still thin and light compared to my Samsung 275T+. So far Im pretty impressed with the screens. Images are clear and gaming I didnt notice any lag. I did a little bit of color calibration but they didnt seem to need to much done out of the box. Im finding in games in darker areas that they didnt display darkness as well as the 275T but with color the Catleaps do better. So far Im noticing that both are slightly brighter on the left side for some reason, must be the backlighting. I also found one dead pixel on the left side on both screens.

Only played with these monitors for a couple hours now so I will have to play around with them some more. For just over $350 I really cant complain, its a good buy. Pay for what you get I guess.
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