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Also like SandForce SF2281 controller, the Everest 2 controller makes use of auto-encryption with 256bit AES support. It is unknown if this encryption is an optional feature or even if it is enabled on the Vertex 4 as this is an enterprise-centric item not required for the average home user or enthusiast.
May I suggest that encryption is for anyone, not just the enterprise. How many laptops and even desktops have beens tolen and the data off their hard drives used for fraud or identity theft? Think of all the personal and private material we store on our drives: e-mail, passwords, account names, url's to forums and accoutns that get automatically logged onto, etc.

An encrypted drive drive means all a thief gets is the hardware, not the virtual keys to the kingdom. Given the difficulty ins ecurely erasing an SSD as well, encryption should be the default, not the exception.
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