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Default GPU3 goes to sleep after a WU is completed


I am pretty new to folding, but i have one single annoying problem that i can't seem to resolved by myself.

On one of my folding rig, i fold on a GTX460 under windows with GPU3, it is able to complete a full WU without problem, BUT, when i tries to start another wu, i receive the following message:

[19:58:06]Folding@Home will go to sleep for 1 day as there have been 5 consecutive Cores executed which failed to complete a work unit.
[19:58:06] (To wake it up early, quit the application and restart it.)
[19:58:06] If problems persist, please visit our website at for help.
[19:58:06] + Sleeping...
I have to kill and restart the client and everything goes alright for a full wu...

Here is what i tried:

- Go from systray client to command line one.
- Moved the source folder from my user folder tree to the root of another partition.
- Force the exe to run as administrator.
- Run the exe in a console that is started as administrator.

All of this changed nothing, client always finish its job and go to sleep until i restart it manually.

That machine also folds on 7/8 of the cpu threads available.

Anyone has an idea on how to resolve this problem?

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