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My System Specs


Originally Posted by mchutch View Post
I'm guessing the colour of those cathodes are red! Get that blue out of there!
Nope. They're UV.

Originally Posted by Father Fuzzy View Post
I got a order today from Daz too

also got those new cold cathode UV lights with black inverter

just sleeved them ,beware the connections to pins are soft

Looks nice!!! how did the paint bond to the fan blades?
I see what you mean. I tested one to check out how the tubing glows (which looks deadly by the way!) and the cathode I picked has a very bad connection. Maybe 2 or 3 strands of wire to carry the current. It got hot really fast.
I'm taking the kit to work tomorrow. I'm going to try and "rebuild" the connectors if I get time. Maybe disassemble them and re-solder, maybe try something entirely different..... not sure yet.

The Rust Check paint stuck to the fan blades well. Hopefully it won't peel or anything in the future. I'm sure they'll be fine though seeing that stuff was designed to even stick to rust.

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