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Originally Posted by EmptyMellon View Post
Two observations and a recommendation:

1. You are a gamer that has money to spend, but does not want to flush it down the drain
2. You are planning to OC

So, before you get swayed to the SNB-E/X79 camp, I would highly recommend you read a review for the upcomming Intel Ivy Bridge processor at AnandTech: AnandTech - The Ivy Bridge Preview: Core i7 3770K Tested. For the price of a 3820 and the performance of 3930k, I would wait; plus look at the power consuption numbers.
IF you have the money and want to he best nothing can beat sandy bridge-E. Ivy has limitations that no self respected gamer/ocer would want. I am not one of them. Power consumption is not a factor to this market, and what happens when Ivy Bridge-E is released? He should get the X79, no comparison, I dont care how good Ivy's numbers may look.

Don't waste your time waiting for IVY if you have the means to get a 3930k now. Anyone who says you should is just wrong, Anand is a pontificating fool. no offense

Take a step back and realize that X79/LGA2011 was designed for this exact market and Intel knocked it out of the park. He doesnt need onboard graphics, or a 77watt design, he needs a 3930k or a 3960x and will be happy with either. There is no comparison to ivy, i dont care what the numbers may say now.
Thanks, new build:

Support Intel's X79/LGA2011 platform, it is worthy
Intel Core i7-3820 SB-E @4.6Ghz
ASRock X79 Extreme6/GB
16GB Samsung DDR3-1600 30nm MV-3V4G3D/US
Corsair Carbide 400r
Corsair H70 cooler w/2x COUGAR CF-V12HP 120mm fans
Thermaltake toughpower grand 850
Intel 520 180GB SSD
Seagate momentus XT 750 gen2 hybrid
LG BD burner w/ 3D MDisc Lightscribe
Dell UltraSharp U2412M LED 1920x1200 w/IPS
Cerwin-Vega XD3 sound monitors
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

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