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i received my last order

funny, the tubing seem to be Orange but its really red

i installed bottom rad, but i forgot the drain port

now the drain port is installed and first leak test

oupsssss, i installe both pump in serial, but dont forget to put back the stop plug on fill port of the reservoir

fish pics
but this is my temp
CPU at 4.2Ghz
Antec KHuler 620: Idle 39, Load 75
Custom Water : Idle 32, load 49

GPU HD7970 XFX OC at 1000
with fan : Idle 60, Load 80 (with furmark)
Water Cooling: Idle 32, Load 49 (with Furmark)
in full load , i have lower temp than idle
but now, noise, yess, the fan on 7970 is like a jet plane
now i will try to OC more the CPU and GPU

Now the pics

Not to bad for a first Water Cooling project
its never finish,
i check PCH temp i think jump to water colling chipset now
and i will change the sli bridge, i dont like it

and by the way the EK back plate work with Koolance GPU waterblock
just need a little bit longer screew than the one Koolance provide
the one with the back plate dosnt work
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