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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
All I have to say to Android in one word to sum up their current inability to take over much ,if any of the PC world:


Add to that the fact cut and paste does not work and you have 2 major reasons we won't see this. Android is for phones and tablets. Phones and tablets cannot and will not be taking over the PC's jobs in the next decade, nevermind 4 years. Even with a keyboad dock, my Transformer is still light years away from a notebook computer. It does many things very well, namely entertainment, but it falls short on productivity and security.

Maybe by 2020 the worlds major businesses will start considering getting off Windows XP, but you can guarantee they will be looking for another Windows product.
Cut and paste works for me and printing really isn't all that difficult to put in. Also everyone who is saying "no way" if everyone who owns a PC owns an android phone they will be at 1:1. These aren't home PC's we are talking about, they are tablets and cell phones. Are businesses big markets? yes. But at the same time there are 4 billion people who will have personal devices and 10% of those customers is more than enough to overthrow windows.

Also Android is no less secure than iOS, in a way it is more secure because you can actually get spyware removal and virus scan apps. Whereas most iOS virus's I have encountered kill your device.
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