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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Do you have a link to it?



Hrmmmm.... where did'ya pick that up?


Looks like it's the same block hold down plate for either AMD or intel, it's just the motherboard plate that changes?

Pretty sure their new blocks work the same way, and it's handy if you swap between different hardware, but it does make the AM3 retention plate a bit larger than required.... pity.....


Just had a look at both of my EK HF blocks. One is a mount from a year or so ago, the other is a new(er) mount with the R4 (2011 compatible) mounts, and both would work fine in your situation as they don't use an upper MB retention bracket. Instead they just have the bolts coming straight up through the standard MB mounting holes.
Bought the enzo here on HWC. I wasn't going to go for it at first but I was buying an SSD from the guy anyhow so I decided to get it too.

The AMD mounting for an EK HF block looks like it will definitely work.
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