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My System Specs


Well, boot time wise, the only thing that changes between the two links/reviews is that the first is a review of an Intel 520 240GB SSD while the other is a RAID 0 set-up, hence you get OCZ's RevoDrive3 in the second one. The Windows bootup times do not change, the only difference is the addition of the RevoDrive3 in the second review.

Now, in my opinion I would go with an Intel 520 240GB drive over either of the OCZ's ones, because:

- Intel took the time to test the their drives while everyone else was tripping over themselves to get a half-backed product out the door (SandForce specifically); so your chance of getting a lemon is a lot smaller.
- "Intel’s SSD Toolbox allows the 520 series to be brought back to a like-new state with the click of a button." - AkG
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