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My System Specs


So what would you guys do? I need some advice. It'll be about a week if I was order a new CPU block, however I'd rather find another used one (that fits). The other thing is I have a friend who bought my M3A79T and DDR2 ram and he's somewhat waiting so I gotta get him going soon.

Would you continue to run the CPU under the H100 and just use the mobo and video on air until getting another CPU block? Then do the entire custom loop all at once? (I'm strongly leaning towards this one)

Install the CPU and GPU blocks, run the mobo with the stock air cooler until getting another CPU block? (this would require redoing part of the loop and possibly wasting tubing and MX-4 paste)

Run the H100 with the EK mobo and gpu blocks.... so essentially have two separate water cooling loops for now? The mobo and 7970 would only be cooled with the RX120, and again this would be until I get a different CPU block. Also possibly wasting tubing and paste when I redo the custom loop.
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