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Originally Posted by On2wheels View Post
Well, now I've got these messages, first time during FO:NV, then during Hard Reset. I uninstalled the driver, ran CCleaner, and upgraded to the latest nvidia driver. Tested Hard Reset again and it was fine. Now DE:HR Missing Link did it to me.
I had been running the previous driver for a while with no issues, but did install BFBC and Crysis 2 last weekend, that would be the only other software change. Is this problem really that random or can it be solved eventually?
GTX560Ti, win7 x64, 4gb ram.

edit: seems it's not so uncommon
FIX! - Display driver stopped responding and has recovered - NVIDIA Forums

This problem seems to be endemic to the 560 Ti. I had it with my Galaxy card for numerous driver releases. I kept going back to version 275. But a recent update fixed the problem for me. If it's really troubling you, I'd suggest reverting to an older driver.
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