Thread: Work in progress Corsair 800D: Custom Water loop
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my cpu is at 34 degrees and my gpu is at 28 degrees on average.

i tried a serial setup and the 2nd component was much higher then my current config.

any suggestion for the fan controller? or modding the front panel io?

Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
I wouldn't use Y's in this way. Y's only work properly if you have 2 identical blocks (like 2 GPU's). When you have different blocks, most of the fluid ends up going through the block with the least flow resistance.

I'm also a little confused as to your flow pattern. It looks like you have too many connections to the res in the bottom photos.
i have a 2 pump combo to compensate for the lack of preformance if there is any but if you have any suggestions they are more then welcome! the extra connections you are talking about i think are my fill and dump ports (blue). not sure if those are the ones you mean.

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