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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 10e View Post
The newer Catleaps don't do upgraded refresh rates though, so keep that in mind. The 2B (February version) did up to 100hz with nVidia or 96hz with AMD cards, but now with the 2C (March) shipments that capability is lost. Some crazy people on [H]ardforum are looking at trying to Frankenstein the panel controllers from the older models into the newer displays.

The good of these monitors is low input lag and decent pixel response. The bad is that they are basically PC only and require a dual-link DVI cable to your video card. The other bad is if your unit is DOA it will be very involved and likely expensive to ship back a return.

I got the Achieva and it was listed as a gift of worth $50.00 so no duties FyI.
Whats you're opinions of the Achieva 10e? You seem to be quite the monitor connoisseur so maybe you can help give a more in depth review of these panels.
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