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Default Magicool 180 Rad in a 650D?

I am planning on adding to my loop, and was wondering if a Magicool 180 radiator fits on the front of a 650D, without modding. Has anyone ever used this radiator in the 650D or 600T?

I've spoken to a few people who have used the phobya 200 rad, general consensus is there is some dremelling involved, at this moment I don't really want to do that. But if the Magicool 180 doesn't fit I suppose I will attempt it. One person actually managed to do it without modding it, so might try that too, but don't want to buy this rad if the Magicool one will do fine (it is also quite a bit cheaper).

Magicool 180: Magicool 180 Slim Radiator - Single 180/35mm Thick Products Model: MC-RAD180 [MC-RAD180] :, ... sleeve it and they will come

Current Loop:
EK 240 Rad
EK Acetal/Copper HF CPU Block
EK DCP4.0+Reservoir Combo

Plan to add:
EK 250 Reservoir (looks a lot better than the combo reservoir imo)
Block for 6950 (MCW60+Swiftech HS, or an EK full cover)
-Maybe crossfire later down the road if I can find a cheap 6950
Radiator: Magicool 180 + EX120, or just a phobya 200 (would prefer the 180 if its possible)
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