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Default Reviews/Unboxings of Non-gaming components?


I noticed the Youtube channel doesn't cover very many non-gaming versions of processors, GFX cards, etc...

I know most companies already have a hired technician to make informative decisions on this, but for the small minority of the people who use it for 3D modelling and more personal uses instead of rendering seismic images for finding oil wells etc, I think it would be helpful for many, provided Linus has enough experience with hardware on that end of the market (I don't know if he does or not).

I'm thinking particularily workstations/servers with dual socket motherboards, processors such as the Xeon/Opteron and their respective chipsets/compatible motherboards, and graphics cards such as the Quadro/Firepro series.

Also maybe a very high-end gaming card versus a mid-range cost equivalent workstation card for pure calculations and number-crunching, to see if it's better off (cost wise) getting the card meant to do it's job or trying to slug it out with a top of the line gaming piece.

EDIT: I'm still mainly a gamer, but I think it would be interesting to see some non-gaming applications of hardware.
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