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My System Specs


Well I found some time today to pick away at a few more things I was debating on doing with this build.

I wanted to paint the RX120 rad since it had a few chips in it (bought it used), and I had to decide what I was going to use for fans. One thing led to another and I decided to paint the fans too.

First I attacked the RX120 rad. I masked off the fins to ensure no paint would coat them and degrade heat dissipation qualities. Then I just rolled up some brown packing paper and 'screwed' them into the holes. Good to go.

Then I pulled the box of misc PC fans out of the closet. I figured my best choice would be a set of Scythe S-Flex fans I've been hanging on to. They have a superior bearing design and are very quiet when tuned down. However..... I wanted to paint the blades red. That should be simple enough right?

EFFFFFFFF!!!!! These things look like they're not made to take apart.
I didn't want to spend all kinds of time masking the shroud off and have them end up looking bad due to a crappy paint job, so I had to figure something else out.

I scrapped the Scythe idea and ripped into some old 120mm cooler masters. They'll do the trick I suppose.

More pics to come later tonight once the paint dries.
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