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Default vertex3 or PCIe revodrive 3x2

Im soon going to build a new computer for 3D CAD and meshlab polygon mesh editing.
I'll be using :
CPU i7 930
windows 7 64 professional
nvidia Quadro 4000
850w power supply
MB either P6x58-E Pro OR P6T WS
12 GB of RAM

my main question is, should i use a 240 GB OCZ vertex 3 max IOPS
240 GB PCIe Revodrive 3x2

My main concern with the Revodrive is, from your write up i understand that the CPU runs at 80% on
idle which i'm worried will cripple the processors ability to work efficiently under load ??
Also it cannot use "trim", where the vertex 3 can.

Can someone explain and reccomend what would be my best option..
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