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Default Desk safe for pc?

hi sorry not sure if this is the right sub forum but cant seem to find another so i'll post it here. i just got my new PC made, its an quad9450, evga 780i mobo,xfx 8800 GT, with an Antec case. My question is i got this desk that i got more then 10 years ago with an old ibm and it has room to place a mid tower pc so is it safe to put my Antec 900 in there. i had like 3 other pcs after the ibm and always used the same desk and always left the pc in the same spot but the antec 900 has like 4 fans all around, on top of the power supply fan, cpu fan and video card fan and im not sure if its safe to leave it in such a small area, fear of over heating.
this is just to give an idea on what the desk looks like and how much room is left when the pc is inside, sorry for the bad drawing.
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