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Default infected hard drive

My friend has a Dell with windows vista. He picked up a nasty virus of some sort.When booting up, as soon as I entered his password, hit enter, the screen would go black. I could still hear the drive going, but stayed black. If I hit alt-ctrl-del the task manager screen would come up.
Safe mode same thing, with "safe mode" in the 4 corners.
Switched hard drives and installed windows 7, and all works well. So I think the motherboard is okay.
Now the problem.
It seems his backup habits are the sameas his surfing habits. pretty bad. non existent .
Hooked up the old hard drive again as a second hdd. and it shows about 100gb out of 150gb used, but clicking open only showed 1 file. Something or other .BAK
So I tried running scan disk on it, but it froze. Then the Antivirus popped up showing a trojan, someting DOS, click to clean. OK. Click to restart OK
Win 7 boots okay on the new drive, but windows says the old drive not accessable.
There are a lot ofpics on the old drive.
Any ideas how to get them off?
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