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My System Specs


The Crosshair V didn't show up today like I had hoped.

I made a small order at Dazmode though. Remember in the first post when I said "I still need to purchase a pump, res, and a 240 rad..... I think that's it." ?? Well that wasn't all I needed. haha

So my order consists of..
  1. EK-Reservoir Combo for DCP 4.0 Pump
  2. EK-DCP 4.0 High Performance Water Pump
  3. Slim High Density Dual 120mm Radiator XSPC EX240
  4. 6-Pin PCI-E DarkSide Single Braid Cable - Red
  5. 24-Pin ATX DarkSide Single Braid Cable - Red
  6. 8-Pin PCI-E DarkSide Single Braid Cable - Red
  7. 4+4 EPS DarkSide Single Braid Cable - Red
  8. UV Dual Cold Cathode Kit 12" (30cm) Rev.2

I know I'm "cheating" with sleeved extensions but with a full time job, 3 really young kids and the odd side job for friends, I don't think I'll really have the time to spend eons on sleeving my PSU. Hopefully this will turn out the way I'm envisioning it.
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