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I just did a build for someone with a 8150, we OCed it to 5Ghz on a H100. Just wanted to share one thing I have not seen listed with these(and this thread seems to be the most relevant under a search). I was having issues with keeping temps down and hit a wall around 4.8Ghz. It just was getting too hot and unstable, even with a H100 in a push pull.

1) the Asus Sabertooth 990FX does a slight overclock on this board through FSB. Its just enough to screw up a set of 1600Mhz ram. If I reduced the FSB by 1-2mhz it was enough to not crash this particular kit. But it was still running slightly over 800mhz.

2) Asus has a option in the bios, CPU load line Calibration. When we first started OCing this was left to auto... Bad idea... I dont know what auto does exacly under the newest bios, but it will run your cpu voltage higher then what you set it to. I think the one time I set the cpu Voltage around 1.48v-ish and cpuz was reporting 1.53v under load and we were running 15-20C higher then when we turned this off. in the end I still used this option but it was manually set to high and it helped with voltage drops when under load.

Nothing fantastic or ground breaking, but thought I would share this since it effected temps and OC. The cpu is running 5Ghz and runs peak 53C under full load. 4.8 was low-mid 40's under full load.
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