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Originally Posted by jtktam View Post
you guys will find anything to complain about.. if they ship it in an envelope and it breaks, you would complain.. they pack it in a box and ship it at cost (no profit) and you guys complain it's too expensive.. (even though it's a flow through cost).. if they ship it with regular post, then you complain you can't track it or it gets lost..

the way you gave the customer support guy a hard time wasn't cool.. you could have just left it and bought it elsewhere

Its not wrong to be reasonable when you charge someone else, If you cant give the customers an options for lets say shipping method, then at least I would have to find a way at least to make it cheap as much as I can without having it to let it cheap where I just toss it in an envelope and send it with no bubbles cover or that stuff!

what you are saying its like CM have two options its either they send way overpriced and secured or very dirt cheap and unsecured!!!!
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