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Any idea what the Hammerdin of D3 will be?

Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post

Sooo true, we all should start working out.

Way ahead of you.. My D2 smiter has been gearing up for the last two months (Grief+Fort+Eth exile+2xber'd COA FTW)!!

Just need my bro to get off his ass and farm some keys with his hammerdin so we can do ubers.

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
It is an extreme polished Diablo 2. And that is what most people indicated and have ranted at Blizzard to produce.

Had they changed the mechanics too far, and detracted from the game play that we had grown used too the outcry would have been in the extreme.

Purists want the D2 experience in 2012 technology. I think and feel that D3 at least in the BETA delivers that...they have made it harder now 'You will die" is a true reality when playing the latest Beta.

I think while Blizzard has lost its sight entirely on what made WoW fun, they have kept true to the Core of D3 and it will be a success.

Exactly, except it looks like we're getting 2004? technology (Direct X 9c).

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