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Holy generalization Batman!

I won't argue on the fact that I was a complete bitch with the CM guy ... like I wrote on my first post. Nothing will excuse my behavior.
  • Ok so first I am not a kid.
  • Second I never talked about a broken shipped item, nor about a a shipping at cost that was too expensive, nor about a lack of tracking number ... and on that point I personally doesn't care much about tracking my packages.
  • Third, there is no "elsewhere" to buy this thing except for the exceptional situation where a single dude on EBay has 2 to sell. Plus the guy doesn't responds to my emails.

Ok so yeah, like I said before those three points, my behavior is not forgivable. But don't make me (or "us" if your message is also to everyone who supports my situation) take the blame for all your repressed feelings about life and all...

So the next time you want to judge someone, do it on actual facts (like the one that I was a bitch with the guy). For everything else, behave and stay objective.

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