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My System Specs


Noctua fan should be plenty fine, its not blasting a ton of air so really high loading might cause overheat issues, but most power supplies are open enough to prevent backpressure so you do not need ALOT of static pressure. OCZ power supplies are at best mediocre there is so many others way better. HX750 is a wicked good one, Seasonic has lots that are excellent as does XFX, to my knowledge the newer gold/platinum from Enermax as well as believe it or not Rosewill based on specs alone are very wicked and decently priced power supplies.

Noctua, Scythe GT, Coolermaster Sickelflow or R4, Even some of the Xigmatek CLF/XLF would work plenty fine. Anything that can pump alot of air at decent volume should work well, something the Scythe GT have and are great at is very good pressure at lower rpm(as long as the air is not "blocked") which in a psu fits the bill really good.
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