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Well, AkG, it's fine that you're sure what OCZ really means, and have personally had no trouble.

However, what OCZ is *literally* saying is no auto-updates (and what auto-updates other than Windows?) - along with no chipset / ahci driver updates at all.

You go on and on about the core drivers. I don't update those very often. But OCZ / Dataplex / NVELO appear to be excluding all except critical operating system updates. That's not how I want to operate.

But in any case, what I want is something I can plug in for a performance boost on my aging XP system, with a minor chance of minor trouble. I can fix a lot of things, but I'm not a Big Tough Computer Man who sneers at frozen systems and trashed boot drives (and at anyone who worries about such things). I see too many negative reports from people who sound like they've done reasonable things, but ended up with a mess like that.
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