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How to use Intel SpeedStep in Windows Seven 64 bit withe T7400 Core 2 Duo?

0. Verify that SpeedStep is enabled in the Bios of your Computer.

1. Download and unzip in your program folder :

. Cpuz64 (to see processor frequency in realtime)
. CrystalCPUIDx64 ( to change the frequency of your Core 2 Duo by SpeedStep)

2. Open cpuz64.exe and CrystalCPUIDx64.exe

3. In CrystalCPUID go in "Function" then "Intel Enhanced Speedstep Control"

4. In "New Multiplier" chose "6x" clic "Enable Change Voltage"

5. Click the button "Create Shorcut on Desktop"

6. Check Cpuz64 to see if the frequency really change when you click your new shorcut the frequency must change (2166.73Mhz to 999-1001Mhz).
It's perfectly working on my computer.
try those?
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