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My System Specs


BE 965 C3 stepping or non black edition c2 stepping?

I am using M5A99X EVO, with a C3 stepping 955BE cpu.
I have set LLC to enabled with extreme-extreme for the cpu and cpu/nb LLC I have set the 2 that allow % to 150%/140% for cpu and cpu/nb and the other option that allows a specific target I have set to very fast with the other option that shows as a flat number to 260
Now, cpu vcore I have mine set to 1.418 in the bios the cpu ratio is 18.5 multi of 232 in bios the FSB is allowed to do the 1680(I think it was) the HT is 1980 or something like such.
The cpu/nb v I gave 3 bumps from stock volts the ht 2 bumps from stock volts, the ram in my case 2 bumps, finally cpu VDDA I gave 3-4 bumps. This gets my cpu above the 4.1 mark and is very gaming stable.

Suffice it to say, cpu/nb has a very good performance impact, you DO NOT NEED alot of voltage to get it going fast, but rather if the cooling isnt good or the voltage is not correct you now need alot of volts for it to hit higher speeds. All the Pneom II line can get the cpu/nb up to about 2600-2800 with very little voltage needed, the cpu if its a b3 stepping can do around 4.1 with very little added voltage maybe 1.38-1.41 bios(shows 1.42 in windows) The C2 stepping cpu need more voltage maybe 1.4-1.43v for 4-4.1cpu speed. The cpu VDDA and the LLC can also help this as can having the cpu/nb running a bit faster, generally AMD cpu like cooling more then voltage AND they also like the voltage to be balanced for the whole cpu, it opens it up for lack of a better word, to little speed/voltage on something like the cpu/nb can lead to the base cpu speed not able to get higher.

As well HT you want as close to stock as possible 1900-2100 TOPS anything above or below this will trash performance.

once you got the cpu multi sorted out(I found 17.5 and 18.5 more stable then anything else, I have and can use a multi of 21 but need alot of extra voltage for the same speed I can achieve other ways) a multi of 17.5-18.5 will also let you use cool and quiet, though you do have to have everything set just right or it can destabilize things.

So try multi of 17.5 a higher fsb ratio maybe 230 or so, drop the HT so its running slower up the cpu/nb so its running faster and give a few bumps to the cpu/nb voltage as well as the cpu vdda voltage(a few not 15 lol) hope this helps
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