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Sorry about the graph. No idea on what happened. Been looking at that excel file for ages and never saw what was actually THERE. d'oh!

As for the software. I honestly dont see the problem. Its really not that big a deal when you think about it. This software can - in theory - use any two drives to merge them into one. Since OCZ only supplies you with ONE solid state drive per retail box, they only purchased the rights to ONE license per box. If you simply could use it on every system you owned...that would have been bad for Dataplex (but good for OCZ as it would have made the Synapse a down right BARGAIN!). Is it going to be a royal PITA for enthusiasts who swap out components a regular basis...not really but it will be an extra step you need to take - but already should be doing (it makes TS'ing issues a LOT easier). BUT this model is meant more for joe average user who doesnt upgrade his systems all that often rather than "us" storage enthusiasts.

If you have an enthusiast grade most likely already have an Vertex 2/3 in there. BUT if you want to boost performance in an older go the Synapse route and IF you own an old rig...why would upgrade two parts at the same time? Hell in the rare case you DO need to upgrade two parts. Install one, reboot. Let it re-license itself while you are installing the drivers for the new part. When finished...shutdown, install the second...and reboot. That is how most upgrades should go anyways as it leaves less room for Murphy to mess with you. ;)

Dataplex is NOT saying you can only change one part. or X parts in total. All you need do is change one part at a time. IF by some bad luck your rig nukes itself (say mobo dies)...drop OCZ a line and they will help you. In the mean will be reinstalling the OS first anyways as this software installs AFTER the OS.
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