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My System Specs

Default Level 10 GT - Water Cooling Build

Ok, here we go. My first build log.

Parts list:

This is my list of stuff that intend to install, and already have.
  1. AMD PhenomII 1100T X6
  2. Powercolor Radeon 7970
  3. 2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600MHz 7-8-8-24 1.5V
  4. Auzentech Prelude
  5. Intel X-25M 80GB SSD for OS
  6. 2 x 640GB WD Blacks for storage
  7. Silverstone Decathlon 750W PSU
  8. Enzotech Sapphire SCW-Rev.A full copper CPU block
  9. Full cover EK water block for the 7970
  10. XSPC RX120 Rad
  11. UV Red 1/2" ID tubing
  12. Various 1/2" compression fittings

I'm just waiting on an Asus Formula Crosshair V with EK water block that I've purchased here on HWC.

I still need to purchase a pump, res, and a 240 rad..... I think that's it.
Oh. I'm not 100% on the blue lighting. I'm interested to see how it will look when finished before I decide to change to a different color. I'm thinking I should get a UV cathode kit for the tubing regardless.
Eventually I'd like to sleeve the PSU as well, but we'll see if that actually happens or not. I may just go with sleeved extensions.

The Level 10 GT is Slik's "old" tower. I tore it apart and gave the metal grills a quick paint job using a spray bomb of Rust Check paint.
The color is International Red. It's meant for farm equipment. I thought "What the hell! We're in Canada!"
Seriously though, I used that paint because it doesn't require any sanding etc. Just clean the dust off and spray the paint on. I think it turned out ok.

So here's the current set up with an Asus M3A79T Deluxe mobo, OCZ Reaper HPC RAM, and an H100 cooler.
Any thoughts regarding the blue lighting?

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