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I do as above, I also like to pick up the case (holding the funnel attached to the T-line in my mouth so it stays upright), and shake it all around, making sure to tilt it to many different angles. Doing this works the bubbles up (remember bubbles will always flow UP).

I wouldn't get black tubing, the black fluid in clear tubing has a similar look, I think it looks better, and allows you to bleed it properly. If you do though, just go by the sound. When you finally get the last bubbles out, the pump goes magically quiet, thats when you know you're done. Leave lots of extra in the res though, as it will likely suck up some more water as the last tiny bubbles work their way out.

On another note... have you guys ever seen those cool air bubble tornados that form inside your tubing while bleeding? so cool!
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