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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
computer specs as shown under specs.

Changed my multiplier from 17.0 to 18.0. FSB stock. Ran 3D Mark, stable. Temps @ 45C

Upped the multiplier to 19. windows loaded, then crashed a minute later.

Question: Which voltage do I have to increase, and by what increment do you recommend?

I think it's the 'core voltage', but I want to be sure. achieved a multiplier of 18.5 with a voltage of 1.5V, FSB 211Mhz on a stock cooler.
1.5v is pretty safe for AMD, as long as the temps dont reach 60 degrees, you should be good. And core temp for tempratures is not accurate. I used to HW monitor.
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