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Default Private Messaging banned users

Dear enaberif,

You have received a new private message at Hardware Canucks from Lyserberg, entitled "Loved bein with you here guys ;)".

Hello PPL,i don't know if you know this already but i'm sending this to all my friends
You know that i was banned from the forum,moderators think that i had my second chance and they did agree on kicking me for life
So all i wanted to say thank you,this was absolutely great time i lived with you here,honestly while writing this i'm all feelings,i really enjoyed my times here in this forum,great posts had some awesome replies so far my topics get insane respones had a 50 replies topic on the gaming forum,one on the LinusTechTips forum in which i ask what was the first video you ever watched,i felt like everyone didn't have anything to worry about they were just participating,joining the conversation and all that counts
I wish i can see you all someday in real life,i know this hard dure to my location in Europe,but hey who knows,so yeah once again thank you all,thanks for SoulTribunal i know he stands out to be one of the best moderators i've ever encoutered on any forum,while breaking the law i feel like i was a kid and if i ever had the chance i wouls just wipe off that post,i never know it was something that i shouldn't post
Good bye forever! Hopefully i'll be able to talk to you throught private messages
Love you all (no homo really^^) Peace out

Don't appreciate this