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My System Specs


is the 3930k really worth that little? I mean 500shipped is about $170(after shipping costs) less than what you would pay for it in store. The 460 for a bill seems about right actually. The ram, i was refeing to to this kit: Mushkin Redline Ascent 3x2GB PC3-12800 C6 Memory Review

that kit used in the review i bought from 3oh6 about 2.5 years ago now? I could never get them as high as him, my cpu was a real bummer when it came to oc'ing so i had it running only at 1500mhz, all be it 5-6-5 but i have put them up here for sale in the past mutiple times and i got no bites, id actually buy another single stick off ebay and then run them in quad channel but my msi x79 board only has 4 dim lanes so that cant happen with their huge heatsinks. Anyway thx marcus and anyone else who helps me out.

edit sold the 3930k,

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