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What gives the 1TB drives a performance advantage is the data density of the ~320MB platers. Manufacturers of the 1TB drives are now making smaller drives using the same platers to get the same performance (i.e. 2x320MB instead of 3 platers). BTW from my research the 320MB WD drive didn't deliver as expected doing this but the 640MB version came out with flying colours. Have a look at the WD6400AAKS. I've got one and like it very much, VERY quiet. I've got a second on the way for RAID, NCIX plus a few other retailers have them on sale for ~$89 right now.

Oh and another plug for WD...
A couple years ago I upgraded my office computer and the WD drive started making a little too much noise so it was decided that a RMA was needed. WD sent me a new drive so I could transfer all the data over and then ship them back the old drive in the box they sent me the new one in. A little thing, but nicer than being stuck with NO drive for a week or two.
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