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Default New to the HTPC game

Hey guys got some spare parts kicking around so Im planning to throw together a pc to put in my workout/general activities room. Basically I just want to play youtube videos, burn cds dvds, play cds dvds......thats about all I can think of. Heres what Im working with

Gigabyte z68 motherboard
4gb ddr1600
Corsair H100
Radeon 5570

Things I need are a processor (sold my 2600K, looking to downgrade for this HTPC) I was thinking an I3 would do the job. Keeping an eye out for something used.
Sound card (nothing crazy I have some creative 5.1's kicking around...yay...nay?)
Speakers...Im rocking a pair of speakers from 1995 right now, would like a fair quality 2.1 setup.

Thats about all I can think of right now. The name of the game is to spend as little as possible, I can always upgrade later if I do end up getting a lot of use from this HTPC.

If anyone can guide me in the right direction with this build it would be appreciated.

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