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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
No, no, no and just plain no.

I have 2 kids under 18. #1, they won't be getting gaming laptops anytime soon. Second, I won't be spending even $800 each on PC's anytime soon. Gaming computers are OK for people that can afford them. I can't and neither can the majority of people who buy consoles.

As for the social stuff, that is why I make my kids go outside to play. Social networking is not meant for kids. They need actual physical interaction and actual physical playtime.

Gaming PC's is a hobby. It is a very small part of the PC market. You gotta upgrade semi-anually to keep up with the latest games unless you want to turn the graphics down to console levels. Sure I used to love my high res gaming. I simply cannot afford it at all.
I think the trade off is about even if you play enough games to be able to take advantage of all the insane sales that PC games have (steam, etc). You don't often get the chance to buy console games for $2.50 - $5 each so if you play often, you'll probably save in the long run. And that's not counting if you pirate your games.
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