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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Addictedtokaos View Post

After Blackops, MW3, BF3 and all my PC upgrades this round I'm officially done with PC gaming. I think im starting to fall into the category of only wanting to spend $600+/- for 6-10 years of gaming with mediocre graphics then pay anywhere from $500-$1200 every 2-4 years for hi-res graphics and shitty supports.

PC titles just arent the focus anymore in todays industry and I can only see it getting worse in the years to come.
Well there is your problem. You need to play more than just FPS. Reasons why I love the PC is you wont find Total War, or Hearts Of Iron 3 on consoles. You also wont find Planetside 2. Not to mention the lack of mods. PC is by far the best. There is no comparison. Oh and last I checked there are better FPS's than MW3 and BF3. Not to mention sure you can play BF3 on consoles but you are limited to 24 players. Sure you could play Skyrim on consoles but you don't get any mods. Not to mention both look MUCH better on PC especially Skyrim when you add graphical mods.

Every once in awhile I fell the same way as you. Then I play a console game and don't turn back for another 5 years.

Oh and the part about money. Last I checked most people have computers. Most kids I know have a laptop and most of those laptops can play the majority of PC games. Not to mention if people put a few hundred extra into their PC they would be able to play games. I mean all it take is an $800 desktop or $1000 laptop and you should be set. Not to mention people will save money on games. Free to play is huge on PC and most PC games go on sale quickly and are cheaper on launch.

Lets say someone buys a respectable 6 games a year. So $360 worh for console (6 games at $60 some games are now $70 and you may buy a collectors which may be more). On PC those same games would be anywhere from $170-$300. Not to mention some may even be free.

Or there could be another scenario where you mostly played free to play games and only bought a couple non FTP games. So $60 a year on games. So every year you could put in $300 into your PC.

Not to mention PC has so much better social aspects to it. Most of my friends are on their PC's a lot of the weekend and some week nights. We are always on skype, facebook, steam chat or something else. Voice communication is hands down better on PC. We also host our own servers and that is a lot of fun. Also if I am working on something I can upload it and they can download it(like a minecraft world or a picture of your mom).

Then the accessories are so much better on PC. If you love racing or flying or even war sims the PC dominates. From better joysticks to racing wheels, to ir face tracking cameras. You can get better immersion. Here is a great example and wish more games supported it. TrackIR5 & ArmA2 Premiere (TrackIR 5) - YouTube

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