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Default Gigabit switch or Gigabit router?

Hello folks
I am running into some issues when trying to upgrade my wired network to gigabit speeds. Seems I have chosen a shitty gigabit wired switch (Asus GXD1008). My both NICs are gigabit capable (2P folder has a pair of NICs from the nVidia chipset while the other system has an Intel Pro 1000/T), right now they are working fine transferring at 100Mbps but I want to upgrade that to 1000Mbps. The reason is the drives with the data are on my other system, which is used by the lady, and 100Mbps is very slow when I want to transfer something big (read HD movies, for example Avatar is like 12 GB) from those drives on my drive to watch something. So my question is : should I go buy a gigabit wired switch or get a gigabit router? As far as gigabit router I was thinking at TPLINK 1043, this one offers gigabit wired connectivity and has a decent price. I won't go more than 100$. I am not expecting 125MB/s but I would like if it would be at least 50-60MB/s.

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