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My System Specs


Any of those Asus or Gigabyte X79 boards would do the trick. It would be a shame not to overclock the 3930 as that H80 is a pretty good cooler. If the Sabertooth fits in your budget, our reviewer was pretty happy with it.

As for number of SATA ports, it varies by board. The X79 has 2 SATA 6Gb/s and 4 SATA 3Gb/s ports natively, any extra are added by another controller onboard. It depends on your needs. I have a burner, one SSD and one HDD hooked up. Others have 10 HDD's in their towers for their collection of movies.

Corsair Vengeance is good memory. Check out G-Skill Ripjawz too. If you're going to overclock, I'd look for DDR3-2133 or -2400. I wouldn't put less than 16GB in a new build right now. If you go 32GB, you'll need Windows 7 Professional as Home Premium has a max limit of 16GB.
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