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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
What do you mean by "the good stuff"? Would you rather have had a $699 product released that featured the HD 7970's paper launch and subsequently shitty availability?
Do you rather that they offer this mainstream $399 card for $499 and pretend this is their "new" flagship card and price gouge their customers.

They just happen to have such a good chip in Kepler that is exactly what they did.

How will you or Nvidia explain when the Gk110 comes out that out performs the GTX680 by and enormous margin and the pricing isn't that much higher?

Where will they otherwise price their dual-gpu cards?

So to answer your question, knowing that that this "good stuff" would beat the 7970 by 50%, then HELL yes.

They are passing of this generations GTX560ti equivalent as the flagship with a $500 price tag.
It doesn't matter that it performs that well when they HAVE better cards, it only means AMD just made a bulldozer GPU, in comparison.

As I said earlier the Fermi GTX480 beats it's own older generation GTX285 by 66% and more.
Think about that when you just posted that the GTX680 does 36% better than the GTX580.
What about the 8800 series that was huge win as well?
In comparison, this GTX680 is extremely poor, hell the AMD HD7970 beats IT'S previous generation 6970 by around 50%.
That should tell you something, look at the numbers...

Only thing this card has is performance relative to it's wattage, but as a REAL performer overall it is extremely lack-luster, basically a mainstream 3rd string card ala GTX560ti, which btw it IS.

Only excuse Nvida has is low yields and availability issue with GK110, but them passing this STOP-GAP card off as the flagship and tricking customers to accepting a markup price beyond belief is really hard to swallow.

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