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My System Specs


You guys, like most people talking about this on PC enthusiast forums, are just not looking at this properly. 90% of the console gaming world does not have $1000+ to build an enthusiast grade PC and then add another $200+ for a bigscreen monitor. Most people CAN afford $300-500 for a console and then use it on the big screen LCD TV which most of us already own. This is simple economics and a large majority of the world will continue to buy 720p optimized consoles that offers most of the same experience that a PC costing 3X (or more) over buying an expensive PC.

The problem with PC gaming is still the PC. The problem with console gaming is that people that own PC's think a small low price box should perform the same as their PC.

I also have a HD6670 in my new PC and it games very well at 1600X1200 so for those that doubt the newer GPU's you are just again not looking at the big picture.
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