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My System Specs


Originally Posted by siegfx View Post
I've contacted the company, and they said they can't take it back if it's just because of the noise (like an old TV)... So I guess I'm stuck to buying a new PSU , and sell this one later on to someone who uses Fan cooling / not interested in silent PC.

Would a seasonic X-1050 be silent ? I noticed that the Coil sound is louder the higher the PSU wattage is.. (I went from a Coolermaster Silent Pro 1000W) So I guess I wont be taking anything close to a 1200W for now.
The seasonic unit would operate in fanless mode when your system is idle, so the fan wouldn't be spinning at all.

You can look at different reviews of whatever PSU you're think about getting to see about the fan noise. If the PSU hasn't been reviewed here, I recommend checking out jonnyguru.
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