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Default Interesting article concerning e-commerce jobs [National Post]

Interesting article that outlines some of the issues and working conditions at e-commerce warehouses like Amazon:
I now buy many of my books at red lights. Iím listening to an author being interviewed on the car radio, like what I hear, and before the light turns green, Iíve (illegally, according to road rules in many Canadian jurisdictions) put in my order. Itís the sort of time-saving dot-com era marvel that makes us all feel smug and wonderful about the age we live in.
But if you go behind the app, to the actual warehouse operations where many online orders get processed, youíll find a down side to the digital marketplace of the 21st century. In some ways, it looks a lot like the Dickensian world of the 19th.
Jonathan Kay: What the gruelling lives of e-commerce warehouse workers tell us about capitalism’s crisis | Full Comment | National Post

Theres a link to a blog outlining more issues around working at these places too.
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