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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
First off the OP only needs 4 GB of space, so it's probably just a few albums. Flac vs mp3 wouldn't save much space.

Second, plenty of audiophiles run flac on an mp3 player. Either with elaborate external DAC/amp setups or straight out of the players. Many MP3 players (even the Iphone) have very high quality DAC's and a few actually have good headphone amps. (though the amp is usually the limiting factor in sound quality)

If you think all MP3 players have poor sound quality or the good ones are too expensive you really need to look harder.

As for recommendations for the OP, the Sansa Clip+, Clip Zip, or Fuze (not Fuze+) sound right up your alley. Most Cowon players would be out of your budget.
Uhmm typical FLAC albums are in excess of 400+mb compared to 80-90mb comparatively so how do you figure that?

Show me the same album ripped in FLAC and ripped to mp3 and be even close to the same size!
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