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Originally Posted by rommelrommel View Post
Who the f*** cares? You mean that if someone had access to a massive computing cluster and used it to fold you'd think that's bad? If you're that butthurt about contributions to FAH you're seriously doing this for the wrong reasons. Shit, some people get flat rate hydro where they live, those bastards. Contributing to FAH without paying their fair share. I hear some people even get free hardware and use it to fold.
I actually think F@H is a good thing. Don't know why you would think otherwise. I was refering to the point system, that's all. I have been folding for 5 years so I have seen a lot of changes to the point system and I guess I'm getting burnt out from all the changes. Hope everyone understands and keeps on folding. For me, I'm just tired of upgrading graphic cards and building new rigs. The rigs I have work great so I can't justify spending money on upgrades when my rigs are only a year old. I would like to stay married! If you catch my drift. I'm sure she would like some new clothes instead. Don't you think?
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