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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post

GPU folding rocks!!!! :)

Yes ... i can see your production has increased a lot

I used to fold with several gpu's when the gpu client first came out and it is a very stable and high producing client.

I would still be running them but in my limited space for my farm i have switched them out so I can run all of my muti core rigs as SMP ... unfortunately, the gpu client doesn't run in linux which is where i get the best production from my multi core rigs atm. It is possible in windows, but there is a performance loss running smp there vs linux - and in most cases, running both smp and gpu in windows will result in a production loss - at least on my intel rigs and depending on the mix of wu's.

Depending on the wu mix for the standard client, GPU folding will out produce it usually by quite a bit depending on oc of gpu and cpu.

With the 1950 pro now available for AGP it adds great folding punch to older single or HT AGP rigs at a pretty reasonable cost. And also makes for a much better gaming rig ... although you can't really game and fold at the same time.

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