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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bigFOIG View Post
my vertex 3 locks up from time to time to make it worse, it goes undetected after the reboot. Then the only thing i can do is wait... Don't know if i'll buy sandforce again cause of this.
Update firmware? Reflash firmware?

While I got a Crucial M4, I wouldn't think twice to get a OCZ Vertex 3 or other SF-2281 based hard drive other than the Intel 520 if the price is right. To me, the hardware and firmware has been out long enough that it should be good enough for the average user. If I have problems with the SSD, I always got another 3 laptops to use lol. Plus you generally don't store important data on your SSD anyways. Well for me I won't. The SSD will be used for mainly OS.

And I'm not a hardcore gamer like you guys are so I don't mind waiting a min for load times. Rather use my SSD for like 20 years then 10
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