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My System Specs


Company Name: Samsung ( they get there monitors repaired through Koambra BC )
Product: Monitors / TVs
Warranty Period: 2-3 years Date purchased: 2010
Date RMAed: 2011
Where it was sent to: Richmond, British Columbia
Ease of RMA: well the RMA place was like a 20 minute drive so honestly easiest RMA of my life
Any extra fees?: 0
Wait time: 3 days
Details: 1 of my 2233rz died they fixed it and shipped it back on the 3rd day, my second one died they couldn't fix it so samsung just mailed me a new one 2 weeks later from ontario
Satisfaction: (scale of 1 - 10) 10

Honestly the people at that koambra place are amazing i just dropped off my first monitor after a 20 min drive, they shipped it back 3 days later, my second monitor they couldn't fix so they got samsung to mail me a brand new one :) they even fixed a monitor for me that i didn't have a receipt for which was cool of them.
honestly, I try ( well tried ) to stick to buying samsung monitors just because of how easy they were to get fixed ( still stick to samsung TV's as i tend to break things )
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