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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Meh, to each their own. I don't like the on/off function of a keyboard when it comes to inputs. I like to modulate throttle, steering and brake inputs. I think that mastering a gamepad gets your farther than mastering the keyboard when it comes to sims.

I agree, a steering wheel/pedal combination is the ultimate tool, but I'm not made of money.

Also, running the dongle on 64-bit Win7, and not a single problem with it!
Wheels, at least the entry level, arent too bad when it comes to money. Think I paid about 100 for my driving force GT shipping included. Well worth it if you like driving games.

And I do agree that a gamepad mastered can easily beat a keyboard mastered. I just never bothered with the gamepad.

And now I'm so off topic....

the 360 controller has drivers in windows 7 64bit, I dont know about the original xbox. Personally I use a hacked together old N64 controller with hacked drivers.
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